VAdata, managed by the Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance, is Virginia's web-based data collection system. VAdata was developed to enhance the collection of statewide data from all survivors who use the services of sexual and domestic violence member agencies across the state. This project began in April of 1996 through the support of the Violence Against Women Act. VAdata has served as a tool to capture the services provided to survivors of sexual and/or domestic violence since its inception.

"I have family but the services address exactly what I was going through, its been a very important resource in so many ways."

"Mis hijos y yo tenemos mas tranquilidad, yo no tengo mas miedo (Translation: My children and I have more peace of mind, I have no more fear.)"

- Survivors of domestic violence who completed a survey for the community SDVA where they received services. (This survey is a part of the data collected within the VAdata system).

Survivors of violence and advocates in Virginia's 70+ sexual and domestic violence agencies (SDVAs) have been providing data for this system for more than 20 years. In 2022 as the pandemic continued, Virginia's SDVA advocates responded to 78,964 hotline contacts. SDVA advocates also provided in-person and online counseling and services to 30,287 adults and children who are survivors of domestic and sexual violence. These services included help with financial needs, safety planning, accessing healthcare services, immigration concerns, legal advocacy, and finding safe and affordable housing. More than 6,282 adults and children also received shelter services, resulting in more than 238,010 nights of shelter.