Publicly Viewable VAdata Forms

    • The Hotline Form can be used to record all “hotline” calls received by sexual and domestic violence agencies. While the form can collect a great deal of data, only 10 or so fields are required.

    • The Advocacy Form can be used to record all face-to-face services for both adults and children that sexual and domestic violence agencies provide to survivors. Services might include shelter, individual advocacy, legal advocacy, or other assistance.

    • The Documenting Our Work surveys are based on the evidenced-based research of the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence. Sexual and domestic violence agencies provide these surveys to adults who receive either shelter or community-based services; the surveys are sealed and sent to the Action Alliance for data entry.

    • The Prevention form is used to track engagements aimed at preventiong sexual and intimate partner violence in the community. As prevention programming is often made up of various activities that are rooted in the elimination of violence before it starts, this form is used to track specifics of each session to paint an agency-specific and statewide picture of prevention work happening across Virginia.

    • For more information about VAdata forms, please click here.