VAdata, managed by the Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance, is Virginia's web-based data collection system. VAdata was developed to enhance and improve the collection of statewide data from all survivors who use the services of sexual and domestic violence agencies across the state. This project began in April of 1996 through the support of the Violence Against Women Act. VAdata has served as a tool to capture the services provided to survivors of sexual and/or domestic violence since its inception.

"Being at the shelter has enabled me to get myself established, to focus on my future [and] my famil[y's] success. I feel empowered and know everything is going to be okay."

"[Without the help of the agency,] my children would have been in foster care because I had nowhere else to go. Being here has allowed me time to locate a residence, good job, and is helping me back on my feet to provide a stable environment."

- Survivors of domestic violence who completed a survey for the community SDVA where they received services. (This survey is a part of the data collected within the VAdata system).

Survivors of violence and advocates in Virginia's 65 sexual and domestic violence agencies (SDVAs) have been providing data for this system for more than 18 years. In 2017, Virginia's SDVA advocates responded to 60,237 hotline calls. SDVA advocates provided in-person counseling and services to 27,423 adults and children who are survivors of domestic violence. Nearly 6,200 adults and children also received shelter services.