Would You Like To Use VAdata?

In Virginia:

All sexual and domestic violence agency (SDVA) members of the Action Alliance receive access to and use of VAdata as a benefit of membership. For information on becoming an SDVA Agency Member, please click here.

Outside Virginia:

VAdata can be customized or adapted for use in other states. The Action Alliance staff can work with sexual and/or domestic violence service providers to adapt the system for their local needs, or with any state coalition or funding agency to discuss adapting the system for use by all sexual and/or domestic violence agencies in their state. It is likely that many of the funder-based reports, such as VOCA and FVPSA, would be transferable, as they are based on Federal reporting requirements. The VAdata staff are prepared to work with each state to develop reports that meet reporting needs.

Expense Summary:

1st Year's Expense and Start Up (for states the size of Virginia or larger)* $27,400
*This fee includes the following:
     Software and hard installation and maintenance, start up training and technical assistance,
     as well as monthly maintenance technical assistance.

2nd Year and Subsequent Maintenance Years