Access to Data

Every year the Action Alliance publishes a report based on statewide aggregate data. The reports are available on the VAdata website, which can be accessed here.

Local sexual and domestic violence agencies (SDVAs) using VAdata retain ownership of the data they have submitted to the system. Data requests for a specific locality or agency will be referred to the appropriate local sexual and domestic violence agency.

Any person or institution wishing to access data for research purposes must contact the Action Alliance. All research requests will be reviewed and evaluated by the VAdata Advisory Committee, in keeping with current policies and procedures for agency data release. Please click here to review the Action Alliance's VAdata Policy on Data Release and Publication of Data. In keeping with Federal and State law, VAdata does not collect personally identifying information.

Requests for aggregate data not included in standardized reports will be reviewed by the Action Alliance staff for feasibility and cost estimates.

For more information, please contact